Winter Wedding Essentials

Everyone always raves about gorgeous summer weddings. Yes, living in New England can be pretty dull in the winter, but your wedding doesn’t have to be!

Holidays bring the best out of people (besides the casual mall fights on black friday), it is a perfect time to get everyone together that you love and celebrate this exciting moment in your life, along with celebrating the holidays and new year!

If you are planning on having a winter wedding,

 Here are some essentials to make your special day memorable:

*Stay icy with beautiful silver embellishments- for decorations or even on yourself! Try out silver jewelry, hair pieces, and table decorations!

*Lights- Light up the room with beautiful white lights (Christmas lights are sold everywhere around the holidays!), this will give a relaxing and glamorous feel to your wedding. Dimming the room lights will give a romantic feel to the evening as well.

*Faux Fur- If your venue has beautiful outdoor scenery, stay warm with a faux fur shawl! Either in beige, cream, or grey. This gives an elegant touch and will add to the details in your wedding pictures, especially if there is snow outside!

*Candles- Here at McElroy we love us some candles. It gives the room a relaxing vibe. Try picking out scented or non- scented candles, along with detailed candle holders. Whether they will be lit up or not, it’ll add to the overall holiday feel!

*For grooms- Try your traditional black and white suit. This will go along with the colors that are “in” in the winter time. Unlike in the summer, people typically gravitate towards deeper colors in the winter.

*Last but not least, try throwing in some red and green, especially when it comes to bouquets.

Happy Holidays from McElroy Weddings!




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