Stylish Wedding Trends we just Love!

When most people think of weddings, they think of the traditional style wedding. Although some people love to stick to tradition (there’s nothing wrong with that) but it is nice to step out of the box here and there! If you and your husband-to-be are more outgoing, here are some trends we’ve seen in 2016 that stand out:

No need for Flowers

Instead of sticking to just flowers as your chosen centerpiece, try using candles with unique holders, also, flowers don’t have to be the main focal point of the arrangement. Decorative lavender sprigs, fake leaves, and jewels, ETC, are all great alternatives to making that centerpiece pop. Even mixing different decorative pieces into one centerpiece has been very popular!

Barns aren’t just for Animals

Unless of course you’ve had one too many drinks and you begin to act like one…. ha ha ok all jokes aside, barns are probably one of the hottest venues right now! It brings a vintage/rustic chic feel to the wedding which many brides just love! Most venues are spacious and are centered in a great location with nature, which is awesome for outside videography and photography.

Invite ideas! And no, not the ones you send through Facebook

Wedding invites are a big part of the planning process for your wedding. It is the first idea your guest will receive of the wedding theme. Try matching up the colors or style of your wedding to your invite! A trend that has been popular is incorporating glitter/sparkle. This is perfect for a holiday season wedding; silver or gold sparkles will really make that invitation stand out!


Another trend we’ve seen escalate throughout the years is creating a wedding hashtag for social media! If you want to be able to see photos from the wedding that have been taken, try placing the wedding hashtag on the invitation and your guests will tag! It is a fun and hip idea, and you can basically make it anything you or your husband-to-be want! When you click on that hashtag, all the photos that have been tagged with that same name will show up.

Happy Planning!