Mannequin Challenge?!

Let’s face it, Social Media has taken over our lives…to the point where we are willing to stop breathing for a couple seconds at a time in order to look like a Mannequin…Yeah 2016 has been pretty real.

Social Media is the pathway to trends, whether it’s spreading awareness (such as the ice bucket challenge for ALS), or fashion, makeup, technology, and hair.  The internet in general spreads the ‘word’ pretty darn fast!

And to be honest….it works! It’s hard to not want to do these things, because we see them almost every minute of our lives. Besides all the negatives, it can be a way for us to bond, relate, and laugh over the same things. Hey, even I tried to do a Mannequin Challenge with my family on Thanksgiving, which turned into a 2 second video of us holding in our laughter and trying to stand still…and guess what, it was FUN!

Social Media can be a great way to form a connection with your followers as a business as well. Especially if you stay on top of your trends and popular hashtags. Using social media as your marketing platform is not only smart, but its honestly extremely business-savvy. You can promote yourself in many different ways, whether it is with pictures, photos, memes, quotes, ETC.  If you have events going on, many businesses decide to film them and place it on their social media accounts for the public to view.

Let’s just say Social Media isn’t all that bad…but just like your alcohol and sweets, everything in moderation!

Happy Holidays!


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