To all the Fall and Winter Brides out there!

When we think of wedding dresses, most of us have an idea in our head, the corset type dress, the halter top, the sleeveless, the ‘I am standing in a cupcake’ poof. But, there is a new up and coming look for brides! Specifically fall and winter brides: long sleeved, fitted dresses.

You may be covered up, but it doesn’t mean it won’t call all the attention.
Here are some looks that you can incorporate with your fall/winter wedding look!


1) Try a laid back vintage feel

Simplicity is key when it comes to this look. Try an off-white dress, that doesn’t have extravagant detail. The attention rather comes from the hair style and attitude on your wedding day! Try a bohemian hair style, with tasseled waves, braids, or a loose up-do’s and don’t forget that confidence!


2)  Lace it up
Lace is a delicate and romantic fabric that should be utilized in any way on your wedding day! Try a dress that has lace on the upper part of the dress if you want to accentuate that part of your body. Another option for all those fashionistas out there is a wedding dress made up of all lace!


3)  Stay snug
I know, comfort really isn’t something we think of when it comes to a wedding dress. But, rather than making several outfit changes throughout the evening, try finding a dress you see yourself wearing the whole evening and being able to manage it by yourself (yes, without the help of your bridesmaids). A fitted, mermaid style dress is just the option for you. Not only does it hug your curves, you don’t have to worry about it getting in the way! Its unique and modern.


4)  Take a plunge
When it comes to long sleeved dresses it doesn’t mean you have to be ALL covered up. If you are a little on the risky side, try a beautiful plunge to accentuate your bust and waist! This is an attention grabber and will leave people with their jaws dropped!


5)  Why not try all of the above!
A fitted, lace, vintage dress with a bit of a plunge in the front doesn’t sound too bad to me! Don’t be afraid when it comes to trying new things, who knows, you might be the next trend setter!

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